You can also devise a roof of the house

You can also devise a roof of the house

Internal insulation and external insulation when making houses

If you already live, that is, in the case of houses or condominiums, you can not decide the materials of the house yourself. There are things that can be done by doing remodeling etc, but those who renovate and immediately renovate will be good people. In the case of ordered houses, you can make your own housing based on that by communicating your wishes to an architect or a housing company.

There is internal insulation and external insulation in the story that comes out in order housing development. Even if asked which one is better, I can not choose it unless I know exactly which is better or how much the price is different. Internal insulation is common as an insulation method and has been done so far. It is one of the ways you can make it cheap, depending on the material. If you do not select it in particular, it will be this way.

Outside insulation is spreading little by little as technology improves. Inside insulation is done on the wall etc, while outside insulation is done so as to cover the thing of the house from the outside. Inside insulation will inevitably have parts that are not insulated in the pillar etc. Outside insulation can obtain high insulation performance. Because high technology is required and the material etc may become high, the charge is expensive. Although neither appearance changes, comfort changes drastically.

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