You can also devise a roof of the house

You can also devise a roof of the house

Living in ecology by incorporating solar power into the house

In my life, the sun was brightness and warmth. Also because plants and others were growing by them, it may be said that food and so on were brought by the sun. Various kinds of energy are issued from the sun, but sunlight has been noticed recently. There used to be utilizing solar heat in the past. There is a mechanism to warm water with solar heat.

By using sunlight it has become possible to produce electricity. Although it has been seen with small machines etc. now, it is now enough to cover the electricity used by people living in the house. Up to now we purchased electricity from a power station and used electricity, but by installing photovoltaic power generation equipment in the house we will be able to live by self-generation.

I use the air conditioner when it is hot in the summer. At this time I need a lot of electricity but I can use it at that time. Basically, sunlight is generated only during the daytime and only when it is sunny. It can not generate electricity if it is night or cloudy. It may be installed if there is enough sunshine time to live. The facilities are still expensive, but as demand increases, it will become cheaper.

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