You can also devise a roof of the house

You can also devise a roof of the house

Establish rooftop greenery in the house

Temperatures in Tokyo and Osaka may be higher in Japan than in Okinawa in the south. The influence of nature will increase in Okinawa. Tokyo and Osaka are urban areas. The town is covered with artificially made things such as concrete and asphalt. These may reflect heat, which may result in a state of heat island. If it gets hot it will require electricity to make it cooler.

Although the town as a whole is problematic, we need to think about it throughout the whole town, but sometimes it becomes somewhat somewhat when each house takes measures. One of them is rooftop greening. In the case of general houses, a roof is attached to the roof. Although tiles were mainstream, in recent years materials that are light and well drained are used. You may have installed a photovoltaic generator.

In the case of rooftop greenery plant the natural plant in the part corresponding to the roof. By doing so, it has the effect of keeping the heat from the roof inside the house and suppressing it. It seems that it was difficult to absorb the heat of the roof, no matter how good the material was, but if it is natural, it will absorb it accordingly. It is possible to plant the walls with vegetable plants, etc. However, for rooftop greening it is necessary to put soil on the roof. Construction different from usual is required.

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