You can also devise a roof of the house

You can also devise a roof of the house

If you live in all electrification you get the benefit of not using gas

Electricity and gas are known among energy. Electricity is made by electric power company and supplied from electric wire etc. Gas is imported from natural gas and supplied from a gas company. Even if it is an electric wire or a gas pipe, since it is stretched all over Japan, there are few cases that I have to install a new one. It costs a certain cost to install.

All electrified residences are paying attention. Basically, we do not use gas, so we do not have gas facilities. So it does not go through gas pipes etc. Since it is designed not to use gas from the beginning, the cost may become cheap. Attention is necessary because it may require a lot of construction work if you want to use gas once after designing that gas does not go through once. Although saying

, all what we do with gas can be covered with electricity. You can also boil water or electricity. Cooking can also be done by using electricity. Gas is done by lighting gas, but when using electricity it is done with the power of electricity. Because it does not use flame, it becomes hard to be a fire. However, it does not mean that it can not be a fire at all. Life without using fire when children are safe can be said to be highly safe. It will be easier to help you.

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